Voices On The Wind

Spoken word is vital to my health and well-being.  Below are the venues and events I’ve had the pleasure of attending while on the road.  Open mics, slams, and other opportunities to hear people read their work.

2011 National Poetry Slam in Cambridge, MA

I went to a few events and preliminary matches and even slammed a piece at an open mic. The community vibe among these poets was absolutely amazing.  I wish I could have stayed for the finals.  I think I’ll make this a priority event next year.

Southern Fried Slam  Atlanta, GA June 2011

I went to the finals only and was blown away by every team and individual that threw down on the mic.  Tears, laughter, gasps all visible and audible from the audience.  I def. plan to make it to Southern Friend 2012 in Tampa, FL.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Cliterati Open Mic (sans mic) Atlanta, GA June 2011 at Charis Books.

Cliterati was a great open mic and Charis is a great venue and bookstore.   Like all open mics, it’s different every time you go so I won’t try to describe it other than to say I enjoyed it immensely.  Charis is a fabulous venue.  A feminist bookstore that has been around 36 years.  If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and check it out.


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