Cheap Tricks

Money.  The number one reason I haven’t traveled much. 

This year I decided to quit using that excuse and make it happen.  Pretty big leap for someone surviving on student loans.  I’m lucky though, I have friends across the United States.  I recently discovered some other tools for cheap travel, often free travel.  As I continue to make these discoveries I will post them here.  If you have a cheap trick to traveling without much in the way of a budget, let me know and I’ll check it out and include it in the list of tricks!

  1. Use your friends.   No, seriously.  Do you have friends living out of state, even just 4 hours away?  Crash with them and explore their new town or crash with them on the way to another destination.  When crashing with friends to enable your travels always be clear and upfront with them so you aren’t hurting feelings.  Make time to spend with them and don’t just see this as a place to sleep.  It’s part of the adventure!
  2. Couch Surf.  I recently discovered Couch Surfing, a website bringing people together across the globe to crash at each others homes.  Be cautious when using sites like this, read profiles carefully and let people know exactly where you are going.
  3. Camp.  I don’t personally do this one, but I know lots of people who tent camp their way to cool places and back home again.
  4. Decide how to spend your money ahead of time.  Do you want to eat in all those restaurants you’ve been reading about or are you more interested in tours?  Maybe your budget is so low you won’t be doing either because your money is being spent on fuel and peanut butter.  Think about what you can do when you arrive and know your priorities ahead of time.

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