Writing Flexibility

I have been writing much more than I’ve been giving myself credit for.  The problem has been that I really want to write this poem brewing in my heart.  Apparently, she’s not quite ready to come to page.  When this happens I tend to think of myself as “not writing” and considered myself completely blocked.  This simply isn’t true.

I’ve been writing a lot for my new job.  While it is technical stuff; teaching manuals, prospectus for the year, introductions to curricula, etc., it IS creative writing.  I try to weave creativity and beauty into all of my writing.  This is especially helpful when writing for my job, which is a religious educator for a liberal church.

I’ve also been doing some blog pieces over at another blog I run.  These tend to be very creative, spiritual, and reflective.  Not only does this help by flexing my writing muscles, but it gives me a path to start putting pieces together for a poem to emerge later on.

Writing flexibility is important.  Even keeping a journal can help, as long as you are writing regularly, you are keeping those muscles strong.



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