30/30 #8 Rebirth

The prompt for today was to get outside and write.  I was outside today but did not write while outside.  I have been reflecting all day on Spring, Easter, Eostre, and the personal resurrection and rebirth that happens (or can happen) at this time of year.  The following came from some work I’ve been doing lately, but especially today, around my own rebirth.   I am metaphorically and physically making space in my life for more light – a new light – to shine.


Cleaning cobwebs from broken lanterns,
Polishing the pieces that still bring beauty,
Discarding the rest to make room for a new light.
The house of my soul begins its rebirth.
Spring has arrived.


3 thoughts on “30/30 #8 Rebirth

    • Thanks Karyl. The poems I write that are the most simplistic, often come from personal work that is complex. This one is no exception!

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