30/30 #7 Green

Yesterday’s writing prompt was to write a poem where a specific color is the dominant theme in the poem.  Here is my piece:


Folded neatly in crisp rows,
The money rests inside leather
Made from cows, who
Once chewed the green grass
In the field across the way.
Now, our green money crosses
Neatly from palm to palm
Without notice,
As we buy our lettuce,
Spinach, and artichokes
Covered in a pesticide
Used to spray the leaves,
To prevent the green bugs
From eating what we feel is solely ours.
Our fists tight on our precious green,
We trade quality for quantity.
As we introduce poisons.
And lab created asparagus,
Into our world view,
Our supper tables,
Our children’s sensitive bodies.
Our green, more precious
To us now than any square of grass,
Or rain forest.
We sell away a lush green world
For a world filled with
Paper, creased and stained
Green with greed.


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