30/30 #6 Orca

I am playing a little catch up here.  This is #6 (yes I am two days behind).  The prompt was to write about an animal and to include some animal facts in the poem.  I chose to write about Orcas because of a dream I had several years ago.  I still don’t really understand the meaning of this dream, but it has stuck with me for years as vivid as the morning I woke from it.  In the dream 3 orcas were swimming in a swimming pool below my hotel balcony.  They had called my name until I came out and looked down.  Then, they sang to me.  I woke up.


For 90 years
She swam.
Mile after mile,
Seeking her next meal.
Was it her determination
that caused us to dub her,
We are so bad at naming things.
Calling a dolphin a whale
A survivor, a killer.

In every ocean,
You will find her brethren.
The black and white
Beauties against blue sky.
They come up for air,
Then disappear again.
Animal medicine says they are the teacher,
Carrying wisdom from the ancestors,
So we can learn to heal ourselves.

She moves in her pack,
Wolves at sea,
Tracking down the next meal
They work together,
Bringing down a blue whale
To be shared with the pod,
And the children.
These creatures
Still remember the importance of



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