30/30 #3 To the Companion Bride

I am publishing #3 a little late, it’s technically day 4 since it is just after midnight.  I had to do things like homework and class today.  I would have much rather been writing.   I also slapped this one together pretty quickly, it’s not my best work.  The writing prompt from NaPoWriMo was to write an epithalamium.  NaPoWriMo describes this as a simple “celebration of a wedding” poem.  However, when I looked up epithalamium it said they were traditionally written to the bride to be read while walking to one’s wedding chambers.  Being the geek I am, I wrote one to a Dr. Who companion who has somehow managed to actually get through her wedding (this never happens in the show, he always interferes before they are legally married).


Here is my 3rd poem:

To the Companion Bride –


If you made it through your vows
You haven’t met him
He was there alright
Watching, smiling,
He probably danced with your aunt Margie


Walking to your wedding chamber,
I know this isn’t the verse you expected –
This is needed though,
Any minute, he’ll show up
With some emergency


And you,
You will help him,
Like they all do,
End up in his blue box
Flying through time


Forgetting every day,
This day,
The most important day of your life;
Not the day you married,
But the day you met the Doctor.


You will be in constant danger of death,
Faced with unbelievable adventures,
There will be times when it feels absolutely worth it
And never will you want to leave the Doctor’s side
Though eventually he will discard you


And your heart,
Your full, happy, overflowing heart,
The one you just promised to another
Will break every day
For a man who will not even tell you his name


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