To Me, With Love


You are a shiny thing
Though now you don’t see it
But light reflects off your tears
Casting silver hues of moonlight on the room
You light up the dark corners of my world
With your fierce call to love
I know, for now, it hurts to be so open
Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed
I hear the crack of your heart breaking
Each time you lean in
To love me a little more
I see the scars left across your soul
The way you’ve had to suture yourself back together
I know the ache your bones feel
From fractures X-rays won’t show
But you shine anyway
Committed to loving me whole again
And I’ve come to know you as myself
Smelling of home and summer rains
Of honeysuckle vines and wishing
And I’m left awe-struck
In your gaze of healing light


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