Wondering and Wandering into 2012

This poet seems to have wandered away for awhile.  My last blog post was this summer shortly after the trip to the National Poetry Slam in Boston, MA.  My apologies for the absence.  I’ve been a roller coaster called life.  

I have continued to write.  My writing has taken some twists and turns in the last year.  A year of dedicated writing practice every single day strengthened not only my writing but my character as well.  It’s easier to declare yourself a writer when you are actually writing!  As for the words themselves, last year I focused on slam, As well as writing short and succinct pieces, and on learning to write in different forms.  This year my writing intention shifts toward writing essays, articles, and even a book.  So once again, I must fully commit to this if I am going to meet my goal of having a manuscript for the book ready to go January 2013.  It’s a lofty goal.

I for one think goals should be reachable, but challenge you to really stretch in order to reach it.  This is a stretch; an entire book in a year.  It’s going to require to only the daily writing commitment from last year, but longer stretches of time for writing, discipline to write on a specific topic, and more editing.  It also means letting people read my work and help me edit for content and comprehension as well as grammar.  It means putting myself out there.

This is good.  Putting yourself “out there” is a sure fire way to toughen the skin so you are willing to submit those essays to magazines, to speak at new open mics, and to mail a manuscript to a publisher.  Every time I put myself out there, my writing improves and my resolve to “be a writer” strengthens.

So in 2012 this poet plans to stay on the move, with words coursing through my veins I’ll be traveling this year to San Francisco, the Gulf of Mexico, a sleepy art town in Ohio, and hopefully a trip to Asheville, North Carolina and Baltimore, MD.   With movement in my heart, I’ll sit quietly at my desk and write the story of my life, my travels, and my dreams.  What will you write this year?  Where will you go?


One thought on “Wondering and Wandering into 2012

  1. You are off to a great start my dear! Progress has been made even in the past week because you wrote down that you are going to write a book!!! Congratulations! You can do it!

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