National Poetry Slam

On August 5th I’m flying into Boston where I will get to tour Salem, see the sights, and go to the 2011 National Poetry Slam! I’m very excited. I can’t compete because I won’t be there for finals and let’s face it, I’m chicken! I still haven’t slammed at an open mic, though I do plan to correct this while in Boston.

For 4 days I will be immersed in open mics, workshops, poets, and preliminary competitions. I am on edge with excitement and eager for the inspiration I know I will receive and the writing that will come from it.

I haven’t been feeling very inspired this month.  I’ve been writing though, just not poetry.  I’ve written essays for some other blogs and a sermon which I delivered at UU this past Sunday.  I am considering this fall committing to a 30/30 again.  Writing 30 poems in 30 days.  It’s a challenge and you get a lot of crap, but you also get some real gems from this kind of work.  This fall or winter I will also be challenging myself to one more type of formulaic writing.  In the spring I did 6 weeks of Haiku and this summer I made a vain attempt at 6 weeks doing sonnets.  What should I tackle this winter?  Suggestions?


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