Tybee Island

My trip to Savannah was inspired by its close proximity to Tybee Island on the East coast.  I wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean.  Now at age 30, I can finally say I have.

I spent the first day on the back river access.  The beach area on the back river isn’t as popular, so if you are wanting some quiet solitude this is the place to go.  I walked out across the river to the island and found no one.  It was absolutely vacant.  It was so strange to stand there looking out at the ocean and see no one in 3 directions, just water for miles and miles.

The waves were amazing, much larger and more energetic than those at the gulf.  The waves easily reached 7-8 feet average and came in one right after another.  It was so much fun to jump into them and be pushed out and under, then swim back up to do it again!

The next trip to Tybee, I went to the pier.  This area is very popular and crowded.  The pier itself is like walking into a party.  Near the front entrance is a large open room of sorts that you walk through to get out to the pier.  Inside there’s food and beer for sale and people everywhere with loud music playing.  Out on the pier people are fishing.  The boy next to meet caught a baby shark.  I wish I had taken a picture.  He tossed it back in, no shark fishing allowed.   Next to the pier people cover the beach.  I didn’t like this area as much as I liked the back river access, though I did walk quite a ways down the beach to get to a less populated area.   The waves were less intense this day.  I don’t know if it was timing or location specific.  I’m guessing it had to do with the time of day.

The visit to the ocean was by far the most amazing part of my entire journey, yet I find it most difficult to write about it.  It’s an experience that isn’t tourist.  It was deeply personal and I could write more about my internal landscape at this time than I could the landscape of Tybee Island.  If you haven’t seen the ocean… you must.   It’s a powerful and healing experience.  I was fortunate to have several revelations while there, enjoy some rest, meditate on the beach, watch birds, and I did swim directly next to a jelly fish.  Luckily the sight of the jelly fish was the depth of that experience.  Tybee is amazing, go if you ever get the chance.

Here I am at the pier at Tybee Island.


One thought on “Tybee Island

  1. Most likely the intensity of the waves had to do with the time of day. You were likely there when the tide was coming in. It was always one of my favorite times of day for precisely that reason. However, the calm of the early evening is also nice. I’m so glad you have been enjoying yourself.

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