Suddenly Savannah

While visiting in Atlanta I made the snap decision to go on a solo retreat.  I’ve always wanted to see Savannah, especially after reading Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.  I’ve also wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean and Tybee Island is a short 18 miles from Savannah.  I made up my mind to go.  Now I just had to figure out how to do it on next to nothing for a budget.  I hadn’t planned for this trip, but I needed it.

I recalled friends talking about using a website to couch surf and so I logged on and found   someone who looked trustworthy to crash with.  I sent off my request and was accepted shortly after.  My host, Beverly, is an absolute joy.  She is very welcoming and her house is the haven I was needing. She is generous and fun to be around but also understood my desire to have time alone for writing and reflection.  She’s a neat lady that gives gator tours and kayaking adventures.  Her backyard is a slice of paradise; green all around, a small pool, and a wonderful hammock. 

This picture really doesn’t do her place justice.  It is so peaceful and relaxing to be here.  I’m quite grateful for the safe, welcoming, and restful place to stay while on my impromptu vacation here in Savannah, GA.

Savannah is gorgeous.  My breath was taken away driving into town.  I fell in love with the hanging moss in large trees that stretch across the roads here.  Every house on these tree-lined streets becomes a work of art no matter how fancy or plain the design.  Magnolias are in full bloom here and the palm trees stretch up like they are reaching for the sun overhead.  I am in love with this landscape.  Savannah was built around a series of community squares, the tour guide brochure tells me there are 21 of the original 24 remaining.  These are large plots in intersections that create a park.  Some have fountains, others big statues, all have green space, trees, and benches that line them.  Every time I walk through one it is busy.  There are people sitting around enjoying picnics, kissing their lovers, and tourists reading the signs displayed at each one telling a bit about that square’s history.

The heat keeps me from spending time writing in these parks.  The temps have been rising to 100 most days.  I spend my time writing indoors at coffee shops or in my notepad at the beach at Tybee Island where I have to fight the wind to keep my pages down long enough to scribble out a haiku or short thought.  I came here to write but I think mostly I am soaking it in for what will come out in my writing later.

Today I’m headed to Bonaventure Cemetery and tonight I’m going to go to an open mic down town.  My sudden trip to Savannah has been exactly what I needed… time to be with myself, to reflect on my life and my desires, and to write.







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