Travel Writing

I am not a travel writer.  I’ve never written a piece about traveling.  Probably because I don’t do much traveling.  I am a writer though.  I write poetry, prose, and creative essay.  I blog.  I write papers for school.  I am a notorious napkin poet because I always forget to put a little notebook in my purse despite owning hundreds of them.  I’ve been known to write poems on my arm.  My most creative writing time often comes when I’m traveling at 80 mph on an interstate trying to get somewhere on time… but having to pull over on the shoulder to write on anything I can find, hence writing on my arm.  So maybe that does make me a travel writer!

I am a writer that travels. Or I am trying to become a writer that travels.  I have the writer part down.  No, I’m not published and no one in your state is going to know my name.  However, I’ve made piece with calling myself a writer.  In fact its the only identity that seems to fit me.  When I define myself in relation only to myself and not others, writer is what surfaces.  I have to write.  You know what I mean?  Sometimes it feels like if  I don’t get the words on paper they are going to explode inside me.  Other times I sit with my pen in hand, okay the keyboard most days, and struggle to write anything at all.  My writing mentor (though she likely doesn’t know she is my writing mentor) Mendy Knott, says this kind of dedication to writing lets our muse know we are serious and she will show up for us more often this way.  I’ve decided Mendy is right about this because I find when I make time for writing something good bubbles up and is simply golden.

Writing is a familiar old friend to me.  I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen.  I wrote my first short story when I was 5.  Traveling is new.  We’re just getting acquainted.   At the time of this post I have never been out of the country.  I am, right now, on the first trip I’ve ever made by myself.  I’ll be writing all about that in a few days and posting some lovely pictures for your enjoyment.  Travel is something I’ve always wanted to do and coupling those travels with my writing just makes sense in my bones.  I’ll be writing about my travels and I’ll be traveling to write… including in August when I will be going to the National Poetry Slam competition in Boston.

Hopefully this blog will inspire others and keep  me inspired to continue my dream of being a traveling writer.

Travel and writing….. wander and wonder.   May my life be poetry in motion.


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